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This is a page where i want to collect all the facts that both sides, anti and pro vaccines, agree on.



1 from 1000 kids is injured and paid from vaccine injury fund in USA. source:

Vaccines are not 100% safe. (on the other had same applies for all other medicine and health and sports)

Half of all compensated vaccine related injuries are from Flu vaccine

HBV Vaccine

Hepatites B:

My Opinion

This vaccine is unnecessary for children up to 14 years. This is the time when they can start their sexual life. The transmission is extremely rare for children if they live not in a war zone, where 9 compensated cases in USA per year is quite low, but 1. there might be X times more cases that did not go through the system. and 2. there might be unknown negative factors.






Family win $1.5 million in autism-vaccine payout
and this
Autism rises despite MMR ban in Japan

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