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Twin Peaks condo Chiang Mai

The best centrally located condo in Chiang Mai (2015)

Recommendation: do not rent 2d floor, as some of the apartments have limited view windows. The Swimming pool and the gym is on the third floor.

Owner wanted to rent for 3-6 months at 37k THB, and 6-12 months for 35k THB, we convinced us to rent this for 1 month at 40k THB + electricity and water.

Rented from Chiang Mai Properties









Best coffee and breakfast in Chiang Mai with kids

Ketawa hotel. Probably the best place to have breakfast with children. Plenty of space. No direct sunshine. Perfect food and coffee. Decent internet connection

IMG_8962 IMG_8963
IMG_8965 IMG_8966

Clay Studio
IMG_8897 IMG_8904 IMG_8908 IMG_8899 IMG_8900 IMG_8902Clay Studio Wifi is quite good

Cup for You. Good place with children to have lunch. The breakfast menu is so poor.. Tasty coffee. Internet connection: couldn’t log in.

In front of this cafe is best grocery store in Chiang Mai: RiplingIMG_9038 IMG_9041 IMG_9043 IMG_9044

Other good places:

Fahtara coffee

Raming Tea House

Nakara Jardin afternoon tea and desert


Do NOT recommend

Rustic and Blue. Even though they have nice outdoor space which is good for children and have been nicely reviewed, the food is a mix of everything. Seems like they put in your dish main ingredient (for example eggs Benedict)  + everything they have in the fridge.

Chiang Mai

The first impression about Chiang Mai was negative. Traffic, pollution, no parks in walking distance, non pedestrian zones, especially bad pavements for baby strollers.

And after one week, my opinion has changed drastically. It has all the cities amenities as well you feel as in village, where you know your neighbours and meet same people in town . Recommended videos for Chiang Mai:


Recommended things to do:

Chiang Mai Zoo. The best zoo ever. (Second best in Norway) Tip: do NOT go to seaquarium it is waste of time and money;

Video blog from Chiang Mai zoo from my neighbour

Test different cafe every morning ==> Best Place with Kids in Chiang Mai

3D art museum

Nothing special:

Saturday walking street. Sunday walking street. Tip for travellers with Children: go at 17.00, later it gets crowdy

Nong Buak Hard Public Park. Tiny park in the left bottom corner of old town. Nothing special, unless you see this:

What we have left for another visit: Chiang Mai Canyon


Coworking places:

there are few of them, but one that is not advertised a lot and i liked it is at Maya shopping centre 4th floor.

Do NOT go to Chiang Mai on March 10th – April 10th approximately, as the burning of fields begin, and smog covers the city.


Twin Peaks Condo we lived in Chiang Mai

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