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5kg in one month gain

Challenge for April 2017: Gain 5kg I am 75kg and i should eat 250g of protein on non-workout days and 330g on workout days.

The challenge has obstacles: first i played in tennis league, second i biked my children to/from school (20 minutes ride), third the first weekend i had school barbeque which ruined my initial fasting plan.

Additionally to my main goal i will have side help/goal with Intermittent Fasting


Clever things i did:

  1. tested the diet few days before the starting of sports. Bought all daily food and counted the proteins only. (next time would count the calories, carbs and fats as well. Before the experiment my weight was around 75.5kg, but i gained 1kg easily in testing mode)
  2. hired a personal trainer in a gym for €200/month. (yes. Las Palmas is cheap). Sometime i felt like not going to gym, but having commitment to the person forced me to go.

Things that would do different:

  1. Is there a point of 1 day fasting? How exactly it should be done and for what reasons? (if it is for the ketones: buy a ketones measurement device)
  2. prepare food for 3 days in a row. know the exact menu what you will eat. Buy low sugar protein bars.

i tried the fasting for first 2 weekends and i didn’t see any positive impact.


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Villas Tinajas Fuerteventura

3,5 bedroom Villa that we rented from AirBnb. Close to beach, close to city center. Quite small living room. Small master bedroom in second floor, 2 bedrooms in basement with normal size windows, parking garage and another living room on 3d floor. The kitchen is well equipped. 3 Tennis courts in a nearby hotel. Dino express 3 minutes walk, HiperDino 10 minutes walk. Continue reading

Karokoi Istanbul

This was my second visit to Istanbul after 10 years. First time we came to Istanbul for a weekend, visited museums and mosques and stayed in old town. The goal of this visit was friends wedding, which was at Cubuklu 29. My turkish friends recommended to stay in Taksim or Karokoy. Karokoy is in the crossroad between old town and Asia. What i liked the best about Karokoy that it feels like western Europe: nice people, good cafes and restaurants. After doing some research where to stay we have chosen Georges Galata hotel. Although we didnt stay in Georges Galata, due to changed travel plans and made last minute booking to 10 Karokoy. This 5* hotel we booked only for 64 euros excluding the breakfast, which we were later very happy about, because 3 minute walk was the best turkish breakfast experience and somewhere for the half of hotel price (20euros for two). (pictures bellow)


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