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How to save on books on Amazon

The answer is easy:

change the shop you buy from. like

I do this often when i see that the kindle version is more expensive than the printed version, which kind of weird.

I heard same could be applied to flight tickets, even though i have tried this for couple of times – i didn’t work for me same way as it works with amazon kindle books.




Baan Sandao condo review

Centrally located condo in Hua Hin. Just in front of big shopping center Villa Market. We have stayed in this condo for 2 months. 1 month in a 2 bedroom and 1 month in 3 bedroom. Both rented from same company. (other recommended real estate agencies in Hua Hin)

The building consist of 5 sectors: ABCDE

A building is 1 apartment per floor with 3-4 bedrooms. (but i never saw this for rent)

BCD buildings are 5 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartments per floor.

E building has 1-3 bedrooms apartments.


Do not stay in first floor. As going from street or building E you go through the middle of first floor.

Try renting North facing apartments as they have direct sunlight in the morning only.

December 1st to January 15th there is a loud concert in Village Market shopping centre and this you hear even in Building B (north side) which is closest to the sea. Building E additionally hears the noise from the street and traffic

My general recommendation is that Baan Sanpluen which is very similiar to Baan Sandao is a better choice because of the noise. (Baan sandao has 2 empty plots in both sides of building and baan sanpluen has other 2 condos which reduces the noise)

Address for mailing of the condo is: (google give different address)

Baan Sandao Condo
119/10 Petchakasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuab Kirikhan





There not many blogs about longstay travel in Penang. I have heard lots of people that they like Penang, but there are not many people staying and writing abut long stay in Penang and here. First inpresion on Penang is where China and India meet.


We have stayed in Maritimes suites in Jelugor 2-5km South of George Town and in Batu Feringhi By the Sea Condominium

My priorities for choosing place for longstay is quality condominium with a pool.

Penang Cafes In addition I enjoyed Smith coffee and Cafea Coffe which are both in Maritime

Food in George Town

Food #2 by CNN with a map

My Personal best dish: Tiger Char Koay Teow @ Kafe Ping Hooi (Youtube)

Penang Street Art Map

Penang or Chiang Mai for digital nomad? (my winner: Chiang Mai)



Our plan for first time in Bali:

2 weeks in UBUD and 2 weeks on the beach. Currently thinking about Sanur and Nusa Dua beach, but changed our mind and booked a villa in Ubud for 42 nights. Beaches we will visit next time.

Bucket List in Bali

Take my to be wife to massage

Visit Green School

Take Yoga Classes


When i arrived, first day i felt in love with Ubud. This place is magical. The gem of South East Asia.



Best first impression on UBUD that i can agree on.

Best Bali guide with Kids