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This is a page where i want to collect all the facts that both sides, anti and pro vaccines, agree on.



1 from 1000 kids is injured and paid from vaccine injury fund in USA. source:

Vaccines are not 100% safe. (on the other had same applies for all other medicine and health and sports)

Half of all compensated vaccine related injuries are from Flu vaccine

HBV Vaccine

Hepatites B:

My Opinion

This vaccine is unnecessary for children up to 14 years. This is the time when they can start their sexual life. The transmission is extremely rare for children if they live not in a war zone, where 9 compensated cases in USA per year is quite low, but 1. there might be X times more cases that did not go through the system. and 2. there might be unknown negative factors.






Family win $1.5 million in autism-vaccine payout
and this
Autism rises despite MMR ban in Japan

Best Science Journals

Alhambra del Mar Marbella review

Main places to find a rental is, but particular apartment was found in

I could recommend Norwegian realtor and another real Estate agency in Puerto Banus

We have spent 7 winter months in Marbella. Renting a 140 square meter, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath apartment for 1750 euro at Alhambra del Mar condominium.

The best thing about this condominium is – location. It is in the middle of the old town and Puerto Banus. Both walking distance. Many cafes and restaurants are close and my favorite Cuppuccino cafe just 50 meters from my apartment. Only 10% of apartments have people living during winter months.

Negative things about this condominium: no heated pool. (november is already cold to swim)

No decent tennis court nearby. (Grand Melia hotel which is 5 minutes walk has both tennis and padel courts, but tennis courts are very poor)
IMG_2200view from balcony
IMG_2176view from living room

old bathroom


Car parking with tasty oranges

IMG_4432road to Puerto Banus. Bicycles allowed

My dream car in Puerto BanusIMG_4714

plenty of police. Feels safe in here

Friends visiting on Christmas


Puerto Deportivo child playground. 15 minutes walkIMG_3459Old town. 20 minute walk

Malaga old town. 50 minutes driveIMG_3810

Fuengirola zoo. Small, but a must to visit place. 30 minutes driveIMG_3811