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Marbella weather in Winter

Before coming to Marbella on October 1st, 2014, i was searching out what the weather in Marbella will be like in winter. Haven’t found a good source, therefor i will post here real temperatures from this winter.

October was really hot. October 28th i swam in the sea, as the water was 21 celsius. In October there were few days when it rained all day, but in general October was perfect. November first week it got really cold with temperatures at day dropping to 19 but around. Also if you live on Paseo Maritimo it feels cold (out of humidity) in the morning and evenings, but if you move to second line from the sea, you don’t feel humidity at all. November 7th it bounced back to 23. I decided to gather all the results at the end of November

November 26

15.00 – 24 celsius
19.30 – 18 celsius
November 27
9.00 – 17 celsius
14.00 – 15 celsius (raining all day)

November 28
8.30 – 15 celsius (raining all night) dark outside

2015 The beginning of January the weather was perfect. Days at around 18 and sunny. The End of Jan on beginning for FEB was worse, still at 16, with few days of rain.

Shorts and a hoodie is perfect outfit.

March on average has 7 rainy days, and 2015 the beggining of march had only 1 rainy day, but the end was total crap.


and of course there was one day with snow, even though the temperature was 14 degrees celcius 🙂

IMG_4872 IMG_4869


Recommended length of stay: 1 day.
Things to do:
River/canal boat tour. There are 2 to 4 hour options, but 2 hours is more than enough, if you are not willing to visit every temple and feed the fish for half an hour.
Khaosan Road (backpackers street) good thai food, cheap massage, lots of people. Cheap hotels around 30usd.
Lebua hotel – is famous for its restaurants. (be careful many of them do not allow with children until 14years old) Dinner cost ±100 usd per person. If you are on a budget – i recommend you visiting a sky-bar and have a drink (15usd) then go eat somewhere else.
Baiyoke hotel – do not recommend. Tallest building in Thailand, but the hotel is less than average 3*
do not ride TukTuk, unless for an attraction, because they are rather expensive at the end..
taxi is cheap in Bangkok and you should always pay what is written on the meter. Never negotiate with taxi driver (only tourists negotiate) just sit in and drive, at the end you pay what the meter says.

Hua Hin longstay / Thailand

Best place to long stay in Thailand is HUA Hin. (Probably best play to long stay in Asia)
First days visit Thai Cooking course  – enyoyed it. You understand basic Thai kitchen and understand what you eat.
CICADA Market – The market is opened Friday to Sunday, but i recommend visiting it on Sunday, because other two days it is too crowdy. You can have a dinner here also. (Next to Hyatt hotel. BTW, Hyatt hotel food is average)
The views for first timers in Asia can be shocking. Buy majority of seafood is delivered to Bangkok from here
Watch Muay Thai competition
Boxing Garden Arena (20/23 Poonsuk Road, few hundred meters from Hilton hotel) every tuesday and saturday from 21.00. Cost around 350 THB
in same center also you can hire a personal Muay Thai trainer – highly recommend. Best cardio training
Kitesurfing. There is good wind all year round. If you check the windguru and see no wind, it does not mean there is none 🙂 it is because it is ‘thermal’ wind and it pickups 10-11am.
National park – 20km south of Hua Hin.
It is more confortable to go with sneakers and not flip-flops as you have to do a little climbing. Also recommend going with motorbike and not taking a guided tour.
Green Papaya salad – ask to make it not spicy (in Phuket, Pataya they make it not spicy). (Mai Phet) 30THB in the street and 200-300 THB in restaurant. Also i believe they bring it from the street  to the restaurant with a 1000% margin 🙂
as kiekviena diena valgau sita patiekala.
Chicken Cashwenut  (Kau pat, mi mimong)
Mango StickyRice
Pad Thai (Thai noodles with chicken, shrimps or vegetables)
Ocean Club (Putahracsa hotel) (North Hua Hin) best restaurant Hua Hin
Restaurant Lets See – Khao Takiab, good place to have a drink and eat non-fish dishes.
 Le Bistro – french restaurant – do NOT recommend. (even though it has high rankings on tripadvisor)
Next to this french restaurant there is  DEYA DELI recommend (located in Villa Market shopping center, which is quite expensive, but you can find a lot of european food there. One thing that i regret buying from them was Wagyu beef stake 1000THB a piece)
Rent of motorbike 3000-4000 THB a month.
Transfer from BKK airport to Hua Hin 2000-3000 THB
There is direct flight with local  airline to Chiang Mai
Bangkok hospital – highly recommend. Best hospital i have ever seen compared to Germany and USA private hospitals.
General checkup costs ±100 usd.
Has all the latest equipment.
Cha-Am – not recommend. Phuket, Pataya – don’t go 🙂
I have stayed in these places in Hua Hin:
Khao Tao lake house (Our first long stay in Thailand)
Baan Sandao (in front of Market Village)
Real Estate Agencies in Hua Hin

Renting property for 1-2 months is quite expensive on AirBnB, which is suited for daily rentals or HomeAway which is more for weekly rentals, therefor it is much better to find local Real Estate agency. To do that i usually go to for instance  and make a search either in english / either in local language (use google translate). If you do search on you usually don’t find necessary local things.

Recommended agencies in Hua Hin:

Rentals For the Holidays

Room by Room

Executive Homes 

Start Property Hua Hin

Siam Property

Plus+ property

regular price 16THB, discounted 8 THB

regular price 16THB, discounted 8 THB. Favourite drink.

Work and Travel

Digital Nomad style

on main Hua Hin road

delicious food on main Hua Hin road

in the main street for 30 THB

Green Papaya salad in the main street for 30 THB

Bangkok hospital

Mango sticky rice made in Thai Cooking course

Lobster salad with green Papaya Salad

Lobster salad with green Papaya Salad at Ocean Club 300THB

Ocean Club

 Ocean Club