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Real Estate agencies in Hua Hin

Renting property for 1-2 months is quite expensive on AirBnB, which is suited for daily rentals or HomeAway which is more for weekly rentals, therefor it is much better to find local Real Estate agency. To do that i usually go to for instance  and make a search either in english / either in local language (use google translate). If you do search on you usually don’t find necessary local things.

Recommended agencies in Hua Hin:

Room by Room

Start Property Hua Hin

Siam Property

Plus+ property

Here is a map with all Condos in Hua Hin

Khao Tao lake house review / Hua Hin rentals

We rented a property 12km from city center of Hua Hin next to the lake Khao Tao from Room by Room real estate agency.

I would recommend this house if you are coming for 2 week vacation, where you just want sunbathe, swim, sleep, eat. If you want more activities like yoga, muay thai or fine dining you won’t find that in Khao Tao. We used to drive 1-2 times each day to city center with motobike, which takes 15-20minutes

Here are some my made pictures from the house:

IMAG0612 IMAG0613 IMAG0614 IMAG0615


Sailom beach. 200 meters from the house

Sailom beach. 200 meters from the house